better for the world.

Yay! Milk is a lower cost solution and a national brand that consumers can trust. Perfect for restaurants and non-commercial operations.


Don’t waste energy handling constant milk deliveries, rotating stock and dealing with spoilage.  Don’t sacrifice valuable refrigerator space for bulky milk jugs. Yay! Milk has none of the hassle, all of the quality and even better performance.

Less bulk

Yay! case packs stack better and have smaller cubes than gable top milk crates.

Less Spoilage

No more short date coded and expired milk – Yay!

Less Waste

No Leakers.  No pick-ups of expired milk and arguing about whose fault it is.

Less Labor

Less ordering, less receiving, less stock rotation, less cleanup.

More Flexible

Safety stock, accidental overorder, changes in schedule – we have you covered.  Store at room temperature, chill what you need, when you need it.

a game-changer for school nutrition programs and grab-n-go

FITS perfectly in:

Available Nationally

Yay! Milk is available nationally and distributed wholesale, direct (non-DSD) through the distributor programs you’re already using.  So, you can consolidate orders, improve sizes, and eliminate the hassle of extra deliveries at your door, increasing supply chain efficiencies.

order yay! milk through our distributor partners:

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